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Our A to Z Guide to New Home Building

In the wonderful world of new home building, trends are always changing. While some remain as firm classics, others come and go but are still just as gorgeous. With our A to Z of home improvements, we’re confident you’ll find a trend to fall in love with.

Anti-Pollution Plants

Adding anti-pollution plants to your property is about more than enhancing the aesthetics. When you choose the right type, you could remove toxins from the air in your home. NASA created a list of plants that serve this exact purpose. As one of the healthier points in our new home building guide, we recommend it for everyone.


When it comes to enjoying a balmy summer evening, you can’t go wrong with a balcony. When those balconies lead away from the master bedroom, you’re practically discovering a way to make your property more relaxing. As one of our favourite new home building guide features, we predict balconies will become increasingly popular.

French Doors

When you want easy access to your outdoor spaces, make sure your home remodelling efforts include French doors. When the weather is starting to cool down as the evening draws in, opening your French doors is an excellent way to enjoy fresh air. If your property benefits from an outdoor dining area, adding French doors to the room next to it can make throwing a party easier.

Granite Grey Walls

Grey has become a surprisingly popular colour in recent years, with granite grey feature walls being especially enticing. As one of the more low-cost home remodelling options, this is something you can achieve on almost any budget. For full effect, consider choosing a wall that benefits from plenty of direct and natural light. That way it won’t drown the size, no matter how small it is.

Large Windows

Floor to ceiling windows are a truly modern new home building trend, but we’re sure they’re here to stay. Allowing plenty of natural light to flood into your home is an excellent way to boost your mood and make it look larger. If the scenery surrounding your property is enticing, you may find their presence relaxing. If your property is in a busy area, consider installing large windows that come with tinting for extra privacy.

Outdoor Barbecue

Many people own an outdoor barbecue, but if you’re going to take your new home seriously, it’s time to create a large external dining space. By making the barbecue a focal point and surrounding it with open benches, you’ll create a relaxing outdoor space to socialise in.

Purposeful Hallways

Who says a hallway should merely be for walking along? As a key feature in our A to Z of home improvements, transforming your hallway into a useable space is a contemporary trend we hope is here to stay. It’s an excellent way to create a reading nook, meditation space, or whatever takes your fancy.

Wet Rooms

If you’re interested in home remodelling ideas that are practical and environmentally friendly, consider adding a wet room to your property. Unlike baths, they use far less water. If you invest in a rainfall shower, you’re also creating a peaceful haven where you can get clean. They’re also incredibly accessible, providing plenty of space for you to wash without worrying about banging into the walls.

At True Value Homes, we’ve added all the features above to some of our show homes. If you’re looking for design ideas, why not pay them a visit? Call us on 1300 438 825 to arrange a tour.